Haunted by an invisible power
That rises upon my weakest hours
I'm lost in trance

The devil deep inside my strangest dreams
Dominates my little mind, as it seems to seem
Is there a spell on me?

Following that breeze that slighly blows
I really don't care where it makes me go
Just drifting slow

Trying to live out that secret dream
That changes my mind and my reality
Deep inside it grows

A sonic music is in my ear
It lingers in my mind and seems to disappear
I drown in love

Everything changes, there ain?t no borders
My visions remain completely disordered
Melting away


I cut the wire and disconnect myself
From the world outside and my brain as well
In deepest trance

Too far to reach, I will live forever
In an unknown shelter where my dreams do gather
Still lost in space


T & M: 2001