The Streets Where I Roam

In the time of fading daylight
I love to leave my dirty walls for to roam
Caught by desire

When the nighttime is slightly falling
I won't care 'bout nothing at all when I roam
Seeking for fire

I got some money in my pocket
And my head is stuffed whith dreams
That make me run and run again

So I'm cruising through the city
Beeing pushed by wicked dreams
That make me run without an end

But I love the streets where I do roam

The pavement seems to tremble
When it's touched by my longing feet
That step out in the real life

Reachin' out for hard life's sample
Heading down the shining streets so well
Nothing is deprived

I got a drink right in my hand
And raise my glass up to those moments
That should never really end

I pay attention for my inner changes
And welcome all those funny things
That keep on making me deranged

But I love the streets in where I do roam

The noise of the crowd and the traffic
Is like music in my ears at night
Just seeking for good love

Just breaking free without regrets
Beeing dancing in the night?s light that's bright
A night of real love

Feeling hot while crossing the border
I await just beeing disordered
From the air that I slowly breathe

There?s no use in falling asleep
I wanna be hurt inside so deep
From that everlasting breeze

Oooh, I love the streets in where I roam

T & M: 2000