Please hold my hand
Am I dreaming?
Do you understand
How time gies by

Staring in the air
Eyes so restless
Seems I care
It′s my first time

Now I′m suffering
Has it really been that long?
It′s over
I can′t deny it

Being tough and strong
Is fake and illusion
Maybe I did wrong
Who gives a damn

Now I′m brooding
Could it really be so mean?
It′s over
I′m going down

Am I really made for taking that sacrifice?
To be empty
To be lonely
Is it not too late for being purified?
It′s deranging
How times are changing
Re-arranging former forms

What tomorrow brings
Is sad and evil
So the blackbird sings
I have to go down

Now I′m wondering
Will it really last for years?
It′s over
I can′t defy it

T & M: 2008