Motor Man

Ride on, motorman
Love your car, petrol can
Tin can love, motor brain
Look above, go down the drain

Ride your car, be a really cool one
The engine's power replaces your mind
Feel so hip when the motor sounds strong
In fact you are nothing but far behind
Becoming a man when the wheels are turning
Weakness fades away in your tin can tool
Smelling the offgas you might be yearning
But we know that your're a fool

Head on, hit the road
A mad one under load
Driving fast, making miles
Will it last till you die?


Drive on at the wheel
A big lie is getting real
Weak man's mask the windshield is
Daily task creating bliss


Your petrol brain just needs aliment
Your body needs increasing in size
Without that help you're week and frightened
A sad conversion for a trice
Motor man you will be falling
Living out a fatal lie
Close your eyes and hear me calling
When the tin sparks fly

T & M: 2009