Born Again

Light a candle in the morning
Fill grey days with healing light
Just watch out for early warnings
There′s no reason to take fright

Step out bravely in reliance
Turn your eyes right to the sky
Being driven by defiance
There′s no need to wonder why

Rank and sane, you′re fit to play the game
You loose and you choose, you will never stay the same
Born to die, made to change your mind
Struggeling you cry at the very end of time

With the rate of descent you will soon be born again

Mess up strictly all your visions
Slowing down the speed of life
At closing time it′s your decision
How to step out of your life

Former years turn into silence
Mermories turn into dust
Breaking out is an act of violence
Before your life will start to rust


Remember, times, they are a-fading
Dissolving kindly into dreams
Exchanging minds by quiet trading
Replacing your deep core by heavy means

Blow out candles before sleeping
Then fall down so soft and deep
Close your eyes and stop the weeping
Right now, the circuit is complete

(T & M: 2010)